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Dead Wood

A disgraced ex-cop who lost everything is on the hunt for a killer who will stop at nothing.

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Hard Rock

PI John Rockne quickly uncovers a series of dark secrets with ties to his own tortured past.

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Cold Jade

John Rockne searches for a young woman named Jade, who had entered was a dangerous world filled with thieves, drugs, pimps and murderers. He has no idea if he can find her…and bring her out alive.

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Long Shot

Long Distance Murder: Private investigator John Rockne investigates a killing and soon unravels a web of greed and betrayal.

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Easy Prey

A prominent Grosse Pointe doctor is found dead, in his car, in an abandoned section of Detroit with a rope around his neck. Private Investigator John Rockne knows the victim, and soon finds himself in the middle of an investigation that blows the lid off Grosse Pointe’s glamorous façade.

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Body Blow: John Rockne Mysteries 6

PI John Rockne and his sister, Grosse Pointe Chief of Police Ellen Rockne, investigate a famous boxer’s disappearance.

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Grosse Pointe Pulp: Boxed Set

Boxed set includes: John Rockne Mystery Thriller Series Books #1, #2 and #3

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Gross Pointe Pulp 2

Books #4, #5 & #6 in the bestselling and award-winning John Rockne Mystery series.

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The Killing League

A former FBI profiler uncovers a competition among active serial killers to prove who is the greatest killer, and learns that he and a woman whose life he saved are the grand prize.

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The Murder Store

Wallace Mack races to shut down the Murder Store; an online marketplace where wealthy psychopaths can buy their next victim.

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Finders Killers

A series of brutal killings leads a former FBI profiler to confront his haunted past.

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The Wallace Mack Thriller Collection


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The Garbage Collector

The Garbage Collector, a Detroit-area private eye/bounty hunter/hired gun is employed by a downtown law firm to retrieve “Lawyer #4” – a partner in the firm who has disappeared with confidential information she is using to blackmail the company’s clients.

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Bullet River

A gruesome discovery…a blast from the past. In this sequel, the private investigator/bounty hunter known simply as The Garbage Collector discovers the body of a dead woman floating in a river near his temporary hideout. The woman, it turns out, is someone he once knew very well.

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Schoolgirl Blues

When an old schoolhouse in northern Michigan is moved to its new location, a gruesome discovery is made. A girl, whose body has gone as cold as her missing persons investigation. The girl’s family hires The Garbage Collector, a private investigator with a fearsome reputation for not only uncovering criminals, but delivering justice.

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Killer Groove: A Cooper & Rockne Mystery

Private Investigators John Rockne and Mary Cooper attempt to track down legendary rock star Zack Hatter. They quickly find themselves on a wild case going up against drug dealers, Mexican cartel gang members…and each other.

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Death by Sarcasm

Private Investigator Mary Cooper investigates the brutal murder of her uncle, a stand-up comedian. She quickly becomes the target of a sadistic killer.

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Murder With Sarcastic Intent

Los Angeles-based private investigator Mary Cooper is hired to track down a missing child. As Mary investigates, she soon uncovers a world in which no one is who they claim to be.

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Gross Sarcastic Homicide

Mary Cooper is back, and this time she’s searching for a killer who seems to enjoy playing with his victims’ minds as much as he does with their lives.

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Total Sarcasm

Boxed set includes DEATH BY SARCASM (Mary Cooper Mystery #1), MURDER WITH SARCASTIC INTENT (Mary Cooper Mystery #2) and GROSS SARCASTIC HOMICIDE (Mary Cooper Mystery #3).

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The Circuit Rider

A traveling preacher and a hard-drinking gunfighter are on the hunt for an elusive killer who is brutally murdering women.

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Killer’s Draw

Mike Tower and Bird Hitchcock travel to the Wyoming boomtown of Big River, where a young preacher has been viciously murdered, his crucified body left in a small valley known as Killer’s Draw.

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Head Shot

An actor who portrays a serial killer on a true crime show is mistaken for the actual criminal and becomes the target of a vicious vigilante who intends to bring him in, dead or alive.

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Kill The Rat

Mafia lowlife Tommy Abrocci wants two things: to disappear into the FBI’s witness protection program, and to do so with as much of Detroit mob boss Vincenzo Romano’s money as he can steal.

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The Butcher: An Olive Jones Thriller

She believers her sister’s death was no accident. She wants the truth…and vengeance.

Former CIA analyst Olive Jones investigates the death of her sister and soon finds herself in a place and setting unlike anything she’s experienced before. THE BUTCHER is a thrilling crime novel unlike any other, set in a virtually unknown, terrifying setting.

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The Recruiter

What would happen if a military recruiter refused to take no for an answer? In this gripping thriller, a dangerous psychopath will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

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Scale of Justice

Detroit crime boss Diego Villanueva must meet the demands of his Colombian overlords in order to retire to sunny Florida. To help him meet that challenge, he enlists the services of of an unlikely accomplice.

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Ames To Kill: Three Full-Length Thrillers


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Hanging Curve: A Thriller

In this thriller, a man investigates the suicide of his brother, a former professional baseball player. He soon suspects the suicide was actually murder, and quickly uncovers dark and deadly secrets.

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To Find A Mountain

A historical thriller set in Italy during WWII. A young Italian girl fights to protect her family from the Nazi command.

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-New York Times bestselling author Thomas Perry on Dan Ames


My name is Dan Ames, and I write the bestselling John Rockne Mystery series, which includes DEAD WOOD, HARD ROCK, COLD JADE, LONG SHOT, EASY PREY and BODY BLOW.


“Dan Ames is a sensation among readers who love fast-paced thrillers.” -Mystery Tribune


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